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• May 20, 2009 - 17:25

When I try to layout my scores visually, I sometimes want different staves spaced different distances apart.

When I use the spacer in breaks/spacer, I am able to move an individule staff somewhat, but many times, after reaching some unknown (to me) distance, suddenly all the staves on the page re-align and I am unable to make the layout the way I want it.

Is the spacer a spacer for single staves or is it designed to be global on that page?


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As I understand, I have a definite space between staves, because my chorists have 2 or 3 lyrics, very simple, and only one value of space for the whole score.
I will try to add a spacer in my score upset of the style I defined.

Best regards and thanks to point out this behaviour.

The spacer is designed for single staves.

However if the music takes up more than 70% of the page then MuseScore automatically distributes the staves to fill the whole pages. This usually looks better and is more typical of published scores. If you don't like the behavior go to Style > Edit Style > Page and set the "Page threshold" to 100%.

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