Changing beams

• Nov 9, 2015 - 21:06

My score shows quavers beamed in 4s, I'd rather they were beamed in twos. How do I do this?


Thanks for replying; MS2 isn't consistent in how you access things. Sometimes it's from the palette and sometime it's from the right click context menu.
But I found it in the end and it really does work very well.
I am getting very fond of MS2 as I slowly get to grips with it and I really appreciate the way users rally round on this forum to help.
I have to say that I was knocked out when changing key using the Transpose option (not on the most appropriate menu making finding the option unintuitive!) to watch the Chord names above the stave change as well. Very impressive. Can't wait to try it with a figured bass line.
Many thanks to you all.

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With very few exceptions, the distinction between palette and right click menu is normally this:

The palette is for adding new elements to your score, right click menu is for changing properties of existing elements.

Beam properties are one exception, the other is the barline palette. This is, BTW, unchanged from previous versions.

It has been suggested that Transpose move to the Edit menu, along with a few other similar changes. The downside of those sorts of change is that they frustrates long time users who won't know where it moved to.

Although we strive to make things as intuitive as we can, when in doubt, do check out the documentation (eg, the Handbook you can access from this site, also the context help you can get using the F1 key within MuseScore).

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Figured bass does not transpose, not it should: a 6th remain a 6th whatever the base note, as well as a major third remain a major third. As figured bass is relative to the bass note(s), transposing the bass note(s) implicitly transposes the realisation too.

You're right; wasn't thinking.
There might be a need to adjust the inversions depending on how far away from the original key the new, transposed, key is but that would be need to be done manually by inspection not programmatically.

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