One voice to play only in the second volta

• Jul 3, 2011 - 13:05

I have a piece of music with a repeat, and I have one voice in the arrangement that I only want to play in the second volta (that is to say not in the first but yes in the second). Is there a way to tell MuseScore not to play part of the piece in the first volta?


Not in MuseScore. But you can definitely put a text indication for the performer. In MuseScore you could develop the repeat with copy paste to have the right playback.

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Has this every bubbled up to make the grade as an official feature request? It would be very helpful, particularly for things like pop music where there are only minor variations between verses & repeats.

The issue was raised back in 2009 as well:

I would assume that the simplest approach would be to implement it in the form of associating certain voices with certain repeat list numbers?

Are there are others who would really like to see this as well, or this more of an oddball request than I would assume?

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I agree re: the focusing on engraving more so than playback, definitely. That said, the playback is an important tool for auditory feedback when verifying that you have written what you intend (when away from a keyboard, or if one does not have exceptional abilities to hear based on reading).

Being open source, I figure that anything could be addressed at some point by someone who can code and happens to be particularly interested in a given topic, so best to get it into the queue and see what happens (eventually).

The "Submit Issue" page states that "The issue tracker is for established reports on bugs, feature requests and tasks."

What does one do to get this "established" (or maybe that adjective only applies to "reports on bugs"?)... or should I just submit it and see what happens?

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I would interpret the word "established" in the description to mean, "issues that you are positive are actual issues in the software", as opposed to a support question or misunderstanding over how something is supposed to work.

So basically, when in doubt, you post to the forum first, and once it becomes clear there really is an issue - whether bug report or feature request - then feel free to post to the tracker.

The ability to mark certain passages as first time only or second time only - whether a whole measure or maybe just one voice - comes up on the forum from time to time, but I don't see an open issue in the tracker for this, and I agree there should be. There are quite a few playback enhancements that have been deferred while working more on the core notation features, and the time is not that far off when it might make sense to look at some of these playback issues. This one strikes me as about as worthy as any other.

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Thanks for the clarification re: "established".

In light of the other thread re: note heads, I'd want to think this through a bit more before submitting a feature request. Particularly, if the direction of 2.0 is to enable the different note heads within the single voice (which is what I would want for the sake of simplicity of both entering and reading), that actually would make it harder to implement this feature request.

It seems fairly reasonable to me to associate voices, parts, or staves with certain repeats, but if there are multiple note head types in a single voice, then what? I can't imagine what the logical construct would be that designates which notes to play on which repeats. Doing it on a note-by-note basis would seem extremely cumbersome, both for the end user and from coding perspective (I assume).

Ironic, I know... because now I'm giving the drawbacks to what I've said in the other thread!

Did this ever end up in a feature request?
I am now in the process of entering "Bella Notte" for practise purpose and find that there is one measure in a dal segno which is different on the repeat. Actually only two quarter notes are replaced with a half on the repeat.

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