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• Jul 3, 2011 - 04:00

on Win7, clean compile, doesn't work. Double-click the app, the splash screen appears and the app crashes. Factory reset doesn't help either.


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May be related or not, but at least on my XP, trunk audio was broken since a rather long time (I would say a couple of months at least): after a few measures, the sound becomes totally corrupted, regardless of the sound font and of the settings (on the same machine, 1.0 audio is OK).


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Thanks, I have already tested 4474 on Win7. The only immediately obvious flaw (after a factory reset) is no sound. The preferences I/O page shows a soundfont but the soundfont is not listed in the synthesizer. When I manually add it to the synth settings I have sound but when I quit, it's gone from the synth page again.

Same results for R4477.

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Do you have this behavior on existing scores? or on new scores?
In MuseScore 2.0, the soundfont paths are now part of the file and so the settings in synthesizer are per file settings and should change from a score to another score. The default soundfont defined in Preferences is used as a fallback.

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I didn't know about the difference between the soundfont and the synth paths. The problem happens when creating new scores and loading older (1.x) ones. The synth dialog is empty. When saved and reloaded, the synth dialog has the soundfont. The fallback doesn't seem to be working.

You've fixed it for new scores in R4480, but loading older scores will need this fix as well.

Also, what happens when you load a new (2.x) score, with a soundfont defined, but the soundfont is missing? Will the fallback also be used, or will you get a warning about missing the font?

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