Tenor part an octave too high after copying from Soprano

• Nov 5, 2015 - 20:44

I tried to save time by copying a melody section from the soprano part to the tenor part.

It's coming out an octave too high so sounds like soprano, even though it looks right. I've transposed everything down by a whole octave but is there a way of correcting without doing this?

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To be clear: copy/paste always copies actual pitches. Middle C will still sound like middle C after copy and paste, even if you are copying to a staff with a different clef or with different transposition. If you want the notes to sound different on the new staff, simply transpose them after copying.

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The treble clef for tenors is different from the treble clef for sopranos. It has a tiny little 8 under it, or to the right. Tenor notes are an octave lower than soprano notes, even though they look the same on the score. The little 8 indicates they should be sung or played an octave lower. I think MuseScore does respond properly to switching the clef mark.

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