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• Jun 15, 2011 - 16:31

I, for one, enjoy previewing the nightlies when possible. It is not critical that they are stable as no real work should be done in them, but this should not stop people from at least seeing what it is capable of. If you do manage to get something useful done, huzzah!

Right now, the only thing that's important to me is that they compile and at least start OK. Since the code is undergoing a major revamp right now, stability is not the best and compilation is not always possible without manual intervention.

Watching the new features being added is also exciting. Lately, I see code sections for OMR (score scanning?), Aoleus (organ pipe ranks), OSC (remote control?), side-by-side score scan and score entry, score albums, user profiles, MP3 export, fotomode, etc. I've probably missed a few biggies.

So what features are you waiting for to be completed, or would like to see introduced?



I am just now becoming interested in MuseScore 4. (As awesome and comprehensive MuseScore 3 is, I have some frustrations regarding what I am trying to score).

Is there a (work-in-progress) overview document of MuseScore 4 that I can look at? Or a work-in-progress user document?

Is there a particular nightly that you would recommend?

Areas in which I am especially interested in include:
(1) Baroque (one-note) and non-baroque (2-note) turns enhancements and behavior correction (which I think is incorrect in Musescore 3). Implementation of accidental symbols above and below the turn symbol.
(2) A way to set the default speed for vibrato. For flute, MuseScore automatically applies vibrato to long notes, but with a fairly rapid cycle.
(3) Grace note timing. Distinguishing between displayed durations (e.g. 8th note vs 16th note grace notes). A property for overall duration of a grace note sequence.
(4) One-note glissandos
- - - (a) gliss before a note (acting as a scale of grace notes). One possible implementation might be a glissando line between a single grace note and the main note. A gliss duration property would be useful in this case. Perhaps defaulting to the duration shown by the grace-note flag.
- - - (b) gliss after a note with a property for overall gliss duration or duration of main note. I do not care about this one, but I saw a request for it in one of the forum threads.
(5) Additional active text expressions. Such as "vib." for vibrato, with a vibrato speed property. Or "rit." (which might require a final-tempo property, or final tempo change on the score, but not a whole series of specified tempo changes. Any additional active text expressions that will enable the score to be played back (in MuseScore and online) with natural sounding expression, rather than mechanical midi playback. This request would require quite a bit of discussion among members.

(6) I would also like to throw in my vote for continued improvement of the PDF import feature.

(7) A better search facility for the online user document. One that searches the document directly for your search string, like the "Find" function in the Adobe PDF reader when using the offline MuseScore user document. I can find things easier in the off-line document, but the on-line document is always more up to date.

Thank you for your consideration. And thank you to the tireless MuseScore staff and contributors. Your results are far better, quicker and more responsive to users than those of comparable (and expensive) commercial products. Other than entrenchment, are there any reasons that one would prefer one of those commercial products over MuseScore???

(8) One other thought: In the "Help" drop-down menu, add a line-item called "Donate". That would prompt me, and make it easy for me, to send an occasional token of appreciation for a fabulous, free product.

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