Moving Dynamics and other Markings

• Oct 24, 2015 - 20:06

I can easily select and move crescendo markings ("hairpins") but I don't seem able to do the same thing with Frames, Text boxes. I get round this by deleting their contents and trying in a different position, typing the text again, which is a bit of a PITA.
Is there a better way?


I'm confused. First, why would you need to "move" a text box? You can add space around using the Insepctor. And second, what do txt bixes have to with dynamics? Dynamics are added from the dynamics palette and can then be edited and moved like any other text.

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Because it is in the way? Because I've changed the score and it is now wrongly positioned? I can think of many reasons why a text box would need to be re-positioned. In fact I can't envisage a situation when it wouldn't be necessary.
As for what have they to do with dynamics; when I wanted to add "rall" to my score I first created a text box and then typed "rall" into it. How would you have added that dynamic?
From Wikipedia, "In music, dynamics are instructions in musical notation to the performer about the loudness of a note or phrase. More generally, dynamics may also include other aspects of the execution of a given piece."
The Dynamics palette doesn't include any terminology other than abbreviations controlling loudness. Hence my other post concerning the possibility of MuseScore2 adding a list. (See for a possible list.)

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I think we may be using terms differently. MuseScore does not have a "text box", but it does have a "text frame", and this is what I assumed you were using. but these are defintely not intended for things like dynamics - they serve a completely different purpose.

To create ordinary text, you want "staff text" - click a note, press Ctrl+T. And staff text is movable just like anything else - click and drag or use Inspector, also the arrow keys.

However, for text that is meant to indicate dynamics, you probably don't want to use ordinary staff text - you want to use actual dynmamcis, so the default position is consistent with other dynamics. So, simply add a dymamic marking from the palette based on the playback effect you want, then double click it and edit the text. If you enjoy using a certain set of markings regularly, you can add them to your palette as described in the handbook under "Custom palette".

Dynamics usually refer to loudness/quietness and also to things like sforzando, sotto voce etc., again relating to how the piece is to sound. I'd say it's extending the definition too far to include rall., rit., which are tempo indications.

I agree that a list of words (in general) would be good and, since there isn't one, I have made my own for various markings that I use commonly such as dolce, espressivo, simile etc. and - yes - I've included these with dynamics and made a custom palette. You need to set the drop-down menu at the bottom of the palettes panel to "Custom" to use this feature.

I started making a custom palette for tempo markings but usually I just find it easier to enter an existing tempo marking (note=xxx speed) and alter the text. Then if I need to use the same marking again in a piece I just copy and paste it. If I were to make a custom palette for tempo markings I would include rall., rit., accel., Tempo I etc.

All of the above - and text entered via Stave Text, System Text, Rehearsal Markings etc. - can be moved either by dragging with the mouse or by using the Inspector. Text boxes and Vertical and Horizontal Frames are different, however, and to get them to reposition by dragging with the mouse would require a lot more coding to make MuseScore more like a desktop publisher - not impossible, I'd guess, but difficult. Fundamentally, most of the dynamics and other things are pinned to the score (or to elements within the score) and re-flow when the score is re-drawn but for boxes you would require the score to flow around them.

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