joined scores from album lose line alterations

• Sep 24, 2015 - 08:37

When I create an album and join scores, the first score is fine. However, in all subsequent scores, all line adjustments are lost; Musescore reverts all lines back to their original default placement, horizontal orientation, and length. This, of course, makes them useless, since no line is ever exactly right for one's score when you double-click it from the palette, so you make alterations to every single one.

To illustrate what's happening, I've included three test scores with lines (untitled, SCORE_2, and Score_3), where you can see the alterations I made, and then the joined version with the formatting losses, entitled "Bug", where you can see how Musescore kept the alterations in the first score (Untitled) but discarded the alterations in the two others (SCORE_2 and Score_3).

So is this truly a bug, or is there a way to stop it from happening?

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I can reproduce this in windows 2.0.2 and 1d8a874

Here's pics of the input score 1:

score 2:

score 3:

and here is the result joined score with the suspect lines circled:

Looking at joined score in inspector, I see that all the internal values for offset for lines that were in score 2 and score 3 are now 0, and I suspect their endpoint offsets get set to 0 too. Seems something in Score::appendScore() is not copying these modifications. The lines arent part of measures, so clone measures is not responsible. Probably something with clone spanners here:…

That section only handles case of slurs, but I think would need to handle all lines, hairpins, etc.

OK, so this is definitely a bug. Can a moderator shift this thread over to bug reports, or post a link there to this thread, so the programmers can be made aware of it?

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