bug: copy text in special style in small staff causes crash

• Sep 20, 2015 - 04:48

test of copy.mscz
In the attached score, when I copy rit. in m30, top part, to rest in m110, top part, it appears correctly on screen, but Save causes MuseScore to close. The score was started in 2.0.0 and/or 2.0.1 and updated to 2.0.2. Some lines became too long. Following a suggestion from Marc S, I changed the note font from Emmentaler to Gonville to get the lines to fit, but no other styles were changed. I later defined a special syle ("Small staff") and put the text in the small staves into this style by selecting all similar elements in the same staff and then picking "Small staff" in the Inspector. Marc said, "I think the problem has to do with the linked parts - the custom text style does not exist in the part. I guess probably you created the style after generating the part? Probably that needs to automatcially be reflected in the part. Please file an official bug report on this." The complete earlier discussion is at


For the record, by "official bug report", I meant, using the Issue Tracker, or "Help / Report a Bug" from within MuseScore. The forums are great for discussing issues to be sure they really are bugs, but once confirmed, they should be filed to the Issue Tracker in the way. And this is what cadiz1 has now done for you.

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Many thanks to both of you. That's what I was trying to do, but I missed how to get from the forum to the Issue Tracker. And it is great that cadiz 1 produced a simple example. When I tried, it didn't work. I must have strayed from the straight and narrow path somewhere. And I still don't get the result in my simple example even though the new style does not appear in the part. Has it been fixed already? Btw, I'm surprised that I had generated the parts in the score I submitted, because I was only interested in the score, as it happens. You guys are fantastic!

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FYI, to reach the issue tracker form here on msuescore.org, simply click it in the menu at right, under "Activity".

The keys to the bug are this:

1) have score with parts already generated
2) create a new style in the score but don't create a similar style in the parts
3) assign that style to a text item in the score - this changes the style of the text item in the score while leaving the style unchanged in the part
4) copy/paste that text item in the score. because the parts are linked to the score, this will result in a simialr copy operation happening in the part, and this time it *will* try to use the new style, and this is what triggers the crash, because the new style isn't there.

To find out when an issue has been fixed, simply vist the page for the issue, subscribe if you'd like to be notified. Adding a comment automatically subscribes you too. When the issue is fixed, you'll see an automatically generated response and the status will change to Fixed. Of course, that will mean it's fixed in the code subsequent nightly builds; it may still be a while before an official release with the fix appears. And for the record, nightly builds should *not* be used for real production work, as they are unsupported and it is entirely possible scores created with one will not only be unopenable in earleir versions, but may turn out to be produce erros when opened in a *later* version as well. Nightly builds are meant for testing and experimentation only.

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Thanks. I wasn't notified of an official fix, and I think I would have been, so I guess there wasn't one and there was some other reason that I wasn't reproducing the bug in a new test. Some puzzles aren't worth solving.

Fwiw, I would not have wanted any change in the style in the part, which I think is in keeping with, if not dictated by, MuseScore's philosophy of linkage or not. I wanted the small-staff text larger than proportional to staff size (because the small staff was so small) but not as large as main-staff text. In the part, if I had been using it, I would have wanted the usual size. If I understand the styles menu, I wouldn't get that either. I actually had, in addition to the two parts I had on the score (cl and basset horn, both at concert pitch), three pairs of WW parts which I created separately, so the parts associated with the score were of no interest to me.

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