Multi-measure rest display and placement

• Apr 27, 2011 - 23:10

When creating multi-measure rests, the rest symbol is apparently centered in the measure. This is fine when the only thing in the measure is the rest.

In the case of key signature changes occuring at the the start of a multi-measure rest, the layout is intelligent enough to know that the left part of the measure is occupied with accidentals, and will not overwrite them with the rest symbol, but then the right side of the measure is empty.

The multi-measure rest should center on, and stretch accordingly if the measure stretch property is changed, on the empty part of the measure, not the center of the measure between the bar lines. It should likewise shift slightly left or right if there are barlines that take more printed space within the measure, such as start repeat on the left side or end repeat on the right side.

The example of key change is the most drastic and easy to see. In the case of the score I am working on, the measure begins with 4 natural signs cancelling out A-flat major followed by 3 sharp signs to start A-major followed by the rest symbol, centered in the measure. First the measure needed some stretch to make the symbol appear properly, then the right side of the measure remains empty. There is no manual way to select the symbol and manually stretch it, but this feature would not be needed if the placement within the measure is fixed to reflect the available empty space.


You should be able to move the multi measure rest symbol by double clicking it and use the left/right arrows on your keyboard. I agree this is only a workaround.

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In investigating the placement/display of the rest symbol, upon double-clicking to select, using the arrow keys only stretches or compresses the symbol by moving the left side of the rest symbol. The right side remains firmly anchored.

In now doing several scores, the display of the rest symbol is inconsistent. It sometimes draws properly, with the right side anchored near the bar line, and sometimes it leaves a lot of space before the bar line, which cannot by manually adjusted. I cannot see any pattern for when it works and when it does not.

I am attaching two examples, the first of which has the 12-measure rest drawn improperly (occurs in the middle of the staff), and the second one where it draws properly (happens to occur at the beginning of the staff). All the multi-measure rests that do not contain key signature changes are not a problem. Perhaps it is a middle of the staff versus start of the staff problem.

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