Multi-measure rests do not break at double bar with key change

• Apr 26, 2011 - 22:28

I have a score created with version that will not break a multi-measure rest at a double bar with key signature change.

I upgraded to Version 1.0 Revision 3996 complied from source for Linux, and tried to see if it worked any better -- no change.

This sounds exactly like a bug reported on 09/21/2009 that was reportedly fixed, but it is broken for me.

If I try to manually mark the measure after the double bar to break multi-measure rest, it will not retain that setting (click accept, then OK, then go back and check measure properties, the box has been unchecked).

I am attaching the score I am working with, currently with multi-measure rests turned on. The offending section shows up on the top staff of page 2, where a key change with double bar occurs after the first bar of a 13 measure rest.


When I open your song, I see what you're describing. If I then turn multimeasure rests off and then on again, I see what I should have seen in the first place: instead of a 13-bar rest, I see one bar rest, then a key change, then a 12-bar rest.

Does the problem also go away for you if you toggle the multi-measure rest setting?

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No -- when I toggled the setting, it still created a 13-measure rest -- however, I just went in to the score and thought I would check the bar line at that point.

I turned off the multi-measure rests, went to the key change, the double bar was not there (I was sure it had been there). I replaced the double bar before the key change, turned on the multi-measure rest, and it now works as advertised -- I get a 12-bar rest starting at the key change.

I don't have the score as I just uploaded it, as I am making changes, so I cannot verify if the double bar really was there as I thought I had seen it. -- If it was not there then mea culpa.

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