Automatic tremolo of notes of a particular length

• Sep 5, 2015 - 15:36

Is there a way to set up MuseScore to automatically tremolo notes of a particular length without actually putting the tremolo symbol on all of them? When playing the tambura, in most cases quarter, half, and whole notes are tremoloed, while eighths and sixteenths are picked. I'm using nylon string guitar for them. I know the focus of MS is not on the playback, but it would be great to hear the songs the way my students would hear it if they play correctly. Ideally, I'd like to have it as a global setting somewhere...
I'm assuming a work around would be to punch in all the notes, put in all the tremolos, select all the tremolo symbols and set them to invisible?


The workaround is correct. Unfortunately there is no way to select all the notes of the same duration. We have only a way to select all the notes with a given type of noteheads. Maybe we should change this.

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And actually, even that doesn't work; it was disabled in favor of selecting normal / grace notes (see #71716: Not possible to select noteheads by type (normal, cross, Mi etc.)). Realistically, I would almost certainly use the notehead subtype more often, but could see the value of having both options available somehow. Also select by pitch. The "Select / More" dialog should probably have additional options specific to notes.

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