no cut copy paste

• Apr 29, 2009 - 20:18

since I upgraded to Ubuntu 9.04 and Musescore 0.9.5 1768, Qt 4.5.0


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I use Windows, but I believe this will be the same.

The trouble is that you are selecting the bar rather than the notes. click on the first note you want, hold shift and click on the last note.
Copy/paste should then work.

Good luck.

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@Xavierjazz: I am not able to reproduce the problem you are describing on Windows. If I click on the empty part of a measure and paste it works for me. Could you give more details about "selecting the bar rather than the notes"?

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The problem disappeared only briefly, then appeared again.

So resuming:

Ubunty 9.04, Musescore 1768, there is no copy (the paste menu is greyed).

if notes are selected (blue solid box), the delete button of the computer deletes the notes
if measure is selected (blue dotted box) it suppress the measure
when editing some text within Musescore pasting text from outside is allowed

this problem has presumably something to see with sound configuration, since it was provisory solved as I was trying various solution to have corrrect opening of musescore, more or less related to a disfunction of jack.
At the time my sound configuration within Musescore is:
MIDI outlet unactivated automatic connection activated
Sound Font using internal synthetiser /usr/share/sounds/sf2/FluidR3_GM.sf2
audio jack server activated: left and right ports are empty
alsa audio activated device=default, sampling 48000, fragments 2, period 1024
portaudio activated API=OSS device= /dev/dsp

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first thing I did this morning: check pasting in works! great but confusing.

So how nice to find your post.....

very presumably it's the cause of my problems.....

indeed in one of the "trial" sessions I received a message (in english), something as "Paste is not allowed in this mode".....which disappeared in later sessions....


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