Bring back Lilypond support

• Aug 8, 2015 - 01:13

Hello! So, I just got Lilypond, and I love it's results. Luckily I still have 1.3 downloaded, so I can put all my 1.3 files in there. However, as for my 2.0 and up files, I can't use them because Musescore 2.0 dropped Lilypond *Surprised emoji*
I am begging you musescore, to bring back Lilypond support. Thank you so much.


In reply to by Isaac Weiss

Not directly, but converters exist. That's realistically going to be the only supported way of getting MuseScore files into LilyPond. Rather than do a half-baked job of exporting to several different formats, it is better to do a really good job of exporting to the one universally-agreed-upon format.

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