Pallets Preferences

• Mar 21, 2011 - 09:29

It would be nice to have a Preferences option that allowed me to add and remove items from the Pallets list. For example, I never use the Fingering or Drums pallets, so it would be nice to eliminate them. And I’d like to use the pallets I use the least lower on the menu. I know that I can do both of these things from the drop-down menu that appears when I hold my mouse down on the pallet name, but for some reason, MuseScore doesn’t remember the changes, and when I re-open it, they are all back where they were. Minimally, it would be nice to drag-and-drop the pallets around on the Pallets menu (instead of moving pallets up and down one space at a time until I get them all to where I want them to be).


Looks like actually can delete palettes - just click and hold and a menu pops up. I didn't try actually deleting one, though, because I'm not sure if it would be possible to get it back.

Arg, just realized that's what you were talking about already. Well, have you tried this in a nightly build? I know there have been some changes made there to provide more palette customization options.

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