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• Jul 31, 2015 - 02:14

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Why is there separate "Fingering" and "LH Guitar Fingering" numbers? And, if the LH Guitar Fingering numbers are actually different, why is there a "5"? Here's a picture of the left hand numbers. IMO, the extra LH Guitar Fingering numbers should be discarded and the letter "T" added (yes, the thumb is used sometimes). Or, failing that, at least get rid of "LH Guitar Fingering 5".

EDIT: I see the difference now, the Guitar numbers appear to the left of the note while the regular ones appear on top. Still, it seems to me that they should be called "Top Fingering Number" and "Left Fingering Number".


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@JGitar: Please, have you read the linked threads, in particulier the last four comments of this one?

If not, it's a very minor thing. You can delete this LH "5" if you wish. It's that easy.

For summarize:
Indeed (I quote extracts), if "By the way, do we really need the '5' for left hand guitar fingerings? As far as I know, only 01234 are used."

The replies are : "With guitar, '5' is never used as a fretting hand fingering; unlike piano, which labels the thumb as '1', so '5' would be the pinky. With this in mind, it is completely possible that a MuseScore user might prefer the look of the guitar left hand fingering style on a piano score, in which case the number '5' would be needed.":
"But in the end, I did also feel it was harmless enough to keep them and people might indeed want to repurpose them - using piano fingering for guitar or vice versa. Of course, these *are* just text; you can always edit them to say whatever you like."

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Some programs (GP eg) offers the choice between T1234 and P1234 for the left hand.
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Right hand remains pimac. Very few things since we can change it at will.

- To reply directly @ Jgitar: As said, this is text. So, add a fingering (for example, 5!) -> Double-click to switch to Text edit mode -> replace 5 by T, which you can then add to your palette for reuse.
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The algorithm for figuring out the default placement is actually a biut more complicated than "guitar on left, others on top" - it depends on how many notes are in the chord, how many staves are in the part, how many voices are used on the staff, and other variables. So more to to the point, just assume the ones labelled "Guitar" are specifically intended to be optimized for guitar, the others are intended for other instruments, especially piano, but the specifics of whether they appear at left or at top by default is something that MuseScore handles for you. If you don't like the choice made in any specific case, you can simply override it by dragging it, nudging it with the arrow keys, using the Inspector, etc.

To everyone: thanks for your help. It took me a while to figure out workspaces, etc. but now I've got this:

New fingering palette.JPG

which is

Piano fingerings
RH Guitar fingerings
LH Guitar fingerings
String numbers
Stuff that doesn't make sense!

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What doesn't make sense? Don't understand.
You may organize at will and according to your wish this palette: change the location of a fingering (fingerings) by dragging in another cell (cells), delete those which you have not the use, add a new one, etc.

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