Warm-Up Excercises/Unison Patterns

• Jul 30, 2015 - 01:34

Hello again! Sorry. Two posts within 20 minutes (*mind blown*) Well, I'm not quite sure of the correct term, but I believe in some pieces, like marches, and jazz scores, at the top of the page before the start of the song, there's a line called a Unison Pattern, maybe about 4-8 measures to get the band "in the mood" as well as to warm them up. Here's an example:


See at the top how there's a 6 measure line then a a large space then the music starts? I would like to have Unison Patterns supported please. Thank you!


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The problem with doing something like that automatically is that it's almost impossible to predict what it should be like. For example, what size should the surrounding spacers be? It depends, at the very least, on how many measures with how many notes you want in the exercise.

Also, I think this is not very common—I have never seen it, and I think you're the first person to ask how to create it. But it can be achieved very nicely, so be happy.

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The problem is, there are literally millions of things someone might want to do that they've seen in a handful of published scores, we can't provide literally millions of options to automatically do that. We provide tools that allow you do *do* millions of things without requiring you to learn millions of options. What you describe is perfectly possible using the existing tools, and is but one example of *many* things that can be done with those same tools.

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