Xjadeo and Musescore not working together

• Jul 25, 2015 - 21:08

I mentioned the following problem on the post 2.02 thread and I was told that this would be better place for it.
The video shows that its possible to sync Xjadeo with Musescore which is great. The problem is that on my laptop Xjadeo and Musescore don't play nicely together. Xjadeo mutes Musescore's playback and disables the playback buttons. I'm running Ubuntu Studio latest LTS and Musescore 2.0.2 which I'm running through Wine because I can't figure out how to install Musescore natively.
Any suggestions regarding what is going on?


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I'm no JACK expert, but I guess I'd start by just telling us all the palces where you made changes. Presumably, you made some changes in Edit / Preferences / I./O form within MuseScore, what specifically did you change? Then what did you do to connect MuseScore and Xjadeo from with JACK? I remember there being some sort of window where you patch the output of one program to the input of another, what settings did you make there?

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