Hide empty staves not respecting chords and lyrics

• Feb 18, 2011 - 15:16

I am happily using Musescore 1.0 under Linux (Ubuntu 10.10) and it does nearly all I want it to do, and does it well. Slightly frustrating is the behaviour when I have entered chords and lyrics and added a page break at the end of a solo section, and I hide empty staves to remove the empty part of the bass clef stave. The spacing of the remaining treble clef stave now ignores the chords and lyrics, and the chords for the second line of music overly the lyrics for the first line and so on - see attached example. Please note that the cello part is just for illustration!

This has not changed from I can get round it by inserting vertical frames, but this isn't ideal. Should I call the current behaviour a bug or a feature ;-) ?

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I've added this to the issue tracker. Though it's fairly easy to work round, I think the correct spacing should be automatic, and I'm sure other people will hit this problem and may find the work rounds less than intuitive.

I have also found it tricky to adjust the layout in other areas - if anyone who understands the various settings in "Style, Edit General Style, Page" would like to explain how this all works and what all the terms (Stave distance, Great stave distance, System distance etc.) mean, I would be grateful. I have occasionally tried adjusting some of these settings, with apparently random results! I expect it's not really random at all, but I haven't yet found any documentation which explains it.

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