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• Feb 1, 2009 - 18:28

I've downloaded yesterday ver 0.9.3 for my kids, and they *loved* using it. But I have a problem with my saved scores. When I reopen them, I get a blank page with absolutely nothing. I do not get any error message either.
It seems however, that it did save something, since I can find the file, and it is not empty (about 5k).

One of the files opens well, and I think the difference between this one and the others is, it has a Latin-letters title, and the others have file names and titles in Hebrew letters.
Can it explain this? Is there a way to solve it?

My 7 years old kid worked for hours on a new score, and he is *very* disappointed now.
Please advice,


Last night I was just about finished with my score. Since it was late, I saved it with intentions of finishing it up today. When I tried to open it, the tab had the score name but it still diplayed the demo. What could be going on?

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I can reproduce this bug. The save failed for some reason i have to investigate. MuseScore leaves a file with a constructed name like msHp3772 in the folder you tried to save the score. Rename this file to something.mscz and try to open it with MuseScore.

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As Werner explains below, there is a problem with using the ampersand (&) in file names for compressed files. This should be fixed in the next version of MuseScore.

My version was only larger because it used the uncompressed format. See [[nodetitle:Export]] for more details on the differences between the different types of files.


same problem with version 0.9.4: half a piano reduction from Bach... sad for me... easier to learn and play for my students :D
copy/rename did nothing

it is the first time i encounter this problem and there are some differences between the blank file and others:
- the original file name and title contain the char &
- the unfinished score contains 10 or 11 pages, first time so much for me
- as a matter of fact, the file is about 20ko, vs 5ko max for others
- 3 voices per staff
- a lot of invisible rests (i noticed a "problem" with invisible "instrument name" at the beginning of some scores, the name re-appears after some manipulations or pdf exportation... does not matter but maybe there is a link)
- as unfinished, the part contains a great number of repeted sharps (i guess some mesures deal with 9 or 12 C sharps... oups)

hope it can help
hope there is a solution to recover the files too

despite this bug, thank you for your work :) MuseScore is wonderful: everything one would in other softwares is in MS !
have a nice day

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