Staggered bowings?

• Jun 17, 2015 - 16:44

I would like to enter a staggered bow marking - ie (V) but I don't see this option. Is this marking possible?


Hey, I'm coming into this quite late but if I understand correctly, what you could do is use different voicing (1,2,3,4) and use rests to stagger the notes apart. This is how I'm notating this. I'm not a composer so will double check with the cellist if this is acceptable but this is something I thought I would mention.

Does anyone know if this has gotten easier with version 3.x? (I haven't upgraded yet.)

If not, I think I'll make a feature request to enable parenthesis to surround bowing indications (and/or all articulations).

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Those symbols are still not in SMuFL, so now change in MuseScore either. Having symbols for that specifically would need to be standardized first by the SMuFL firs,t but it's not inconceivable we'd implement the ability to more directly add parents to existing symbols. It's pretty simple already, though - especially in 3.3, which makes it so easy to customize your palette. I'd probably add it as text using the F2 special characters palette, then add that text to a custom palette.

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If you guys are talking about a string section playing a very long note, one of two things will happen. Professional (and many non-professional) orchestras have someone who, if needed, goes through string parts and marks them with proper bowing. In the particular case of long notes, staggered bowing is a given that the sections, or the bowing person, figure out. Someone who is not a string player might think about keeping their bowing ideas to a minimum.

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and yet there is still a need to be able to make parenthetical and staggered bowing indications in a new publication. It helps the players and should not simply up to the "bowing person". When preparing a Musical or a piece for publication I want to put those in. It is not unusual to have them in the part.

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