Vertical positioning of crescendo/decrescendo markings

• Jan 24, 2011 - 20:50

I'm trying to write out some parts, and I'm having trouble getting crescendos and decrescendos positioned properly. I can place them under the staves, and I can edit their horizontal length, but their vertical position stays where I drop them. Unfortunately, I cannot see where they are going to end up when I drop them. They look very bad on the page. I cannot find any way to edit their vertical position. Is there something I'm missing, or is this not implemented in the program?

I'm using the following:

Musescore version: rev. 3507
OS: Linux Mint 10


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Ok. Well, while I was writing the parts it wouldn't let me drag them at all. But after quitting and restarting, it would. Also, if I tried to delete one of them at that point, it would not disappear, but the program acted like it wasn't there (wouldn't let me edit it, etc.). I had to save and reload the file to see that it was indeed deleted. That has now stopped after a restart. Everything seems back to normal. Not sure what the issue was before. But it seems to be gone now. Thanks!

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