Adding staccato dots by double-clicking or shortcut - a bug

• Jun 5, 2015 - 10:40

(1) In linked treble staff/Tab, adding a staccato dot by double-clicking from the articulations and ornaments palette creates a staccato dot in both staff AND TAB line; BUT, if you try to enter the same staccato dot using the shortcut Shift +S, the dot only appears in the treble staff.

(2) If you add the staccato dot by double clicking from the palette then the "cursor focus" immediately switches from the recipient note to the newly-added dot. But if you use the shift + S shortcut, the "cursor focus" stays on the note.

So, in short, the shortcuts must behave in the same way as double-clicking the dot in the palette: the dot must be applied to both treble staff AND linked TAB line, AND the "focus" must switch to the dot.

NB: This problem also applies to other symbols in the same palette.

PS: Edited to make the text clearer.


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I am hoping that 2 won't be fixed. I came upon this when researching how to keep the focus on the note after adding staccatos (I was adding s staccato and a tenuto to each note, but only certain notes, usually the first in the bar, but not always. The selection was lost when I clicked, and I had to laboriously reselect them all. I discovered that I could use the shortcut, and avoid losing the multiple selection.
I somewhat agree that the double-click and the shortcut should operate the same, but that would lose a very useful function. If I have selected a dozen or so notes, then added staccato, which dot keeps focus? or do they all. Then moving one dot would move all the (selected) dots. This would be useful for someone who alters all the dots straight after adding them. I imagine even easier would be to alter the style of the staccato dots.

I can imagine 2 solutions. 1 is a way to re-apply the previous selection, the other would be an option chooseable, say a check-box for maintain or lose the focus after clicking.

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"I am hoping that 2 won't be fixed"

Your wish just came true. MS 2.3.2 is already fixed as the last and final version of MS2. Let's see, I think that's five years ago?

And MS 3.6.2 is the last (official) version of MS3 - though I hear good things about Jojo-Schmitz's ver 3.7.

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MuseScore 4 continues to behave the same way with respect to focus - using the palette, focus is on the added element, but using shortcuts, it remains on the note. I doubt it will be changed - not unless a lot of people start requesting it, which hasn't happened in the years since this discussion so I doubt it will start happening now.

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