Overlapping slurs don't turn blue when selected.

• Jun 3, 2015 - 11:01

I am using linked guitar staff/Tab. If I create two slurs at the same positon in the treble staff (but between different pairs of notes) and the slurs are translated onto the same position in Tab (this is not uncommon), when you click on the overlapping slurs in TAB they do not turn blue as expected. They stay black even though the top one is now in edit mode and can be flipped into the right position with the "X" shortcut.


I have looked at this issue again. In fact, a trace of blue is visible when you click on exactly-overlapping slurs but it is very faint due to the black background of the other non-selected slur behind.

This is confusing because the user assumes that left-click has not worked and so they click again … and maybe even again in order to select the slur for editing (as I have done). But the slur is in edit mode after the first lick – it is just that the blue is hardly visible to the viewer.

This needs to be fixed.

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You should file an official bug report to the issue tracker, and provide a sample score and precise step by instructions to reproduce the problem. But if I understand your description of the problem correctly, I am not sure what fix would make sense. If there are two overlapping markings - whetehr slurs or anything else - and one covers the other, it is going to be the case that one will be hard to edit until you move the other out of the way. The specifics could be tweaked, but in the end, you're still going to have to move one slur out of the way to edit the other, it seems to me.

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