musescore 2.0.1 and MAC OS 10.10.3 freeze

• Jun 2, 2015 - 23:27


after crashing musescore 1.3 3 times while deleting something I swaped to 2.0.1. I installed and start - after a few seconds it freeze and the colored ball is rolling. I put it back on factory status like you wrote in help - freeze. I moved the supporting files like plist for 1.3, reinstalled 2.0.1 - freeze. Downloaded again and installed - freeze.

Interesting was, that, although I put it in factory status, it opend with a song I worked on before.

What can I do to solve the problem with 2.0.1 is one question, or, what can I do for 1.3 not to crash while deleting some bars in one step ?

Your help is very appreciated, because I like musescore very much.

Kind regards



The Crash of 1.3 might be solved by using 1.2
If after a factory reset MuseScore starts with a file you've been working on before, this should indicate that no factory reset had been done.

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