some barlines and other elements moved when switching from continuous to page view

• Jun 1, 2015 - 20:04

This is in version 2.0.1, revision b25f81d

I'm using a Windows 7 PC.

My score was originally created in an earlier version. I downloaded version 2 and completed revisions in continuous view. When I switched to page view there were crescendi that went off the page rather than continue in the next bar on the next page, and some barlines were shifted over to the right enough to overlap notes in the next measure.


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I think you have simply tried to reduce measure stretch too far given your current settings for staff size, measure spacing, minimum note distance, etc. Were you by any chance playing with settings like that, either in 1.3 or in 2.0? Anyhow, if you do Ctrl+A to select all, then Layout / Reset Sretch, all should be well. You might also consider reducing the minimum note distance in Style / General / Measure from 0.4 - where your score is set - to 0.25, which is the default.

s always when reporting problems, it helps to attach the score you are having problems with and precise step by step instructions to reproduce the problem.

Absent that, I can only guess you create the markings incorrectly, trying to set their length by just dragging them rather than by using Shift+Left/Right to tell MuseScore what note you want them to end on. The former aspproach won't work correctly if the layout changes for any reason - if a measure moves from one system to another, if you change from page to continuous view, etc.

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