Ties and slurs in wrong position after copy and paste

• May 31, 2015 - 15:03

Download and open the attached file and follow instructions.

The slurs are pasted vertically (!) rather than horizontally and the ties seem to be reverting to their default settings rather than "remembering" their last actual position.

The program crashed when I tried to close it after this operation.

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slurs_pasted_wrongly.mscz 8.74 KB


Do you see this only in cases where there are linked staves, and the slurs are shaped / positioned different between the two staves? That is how it seems to me. It's worth filing an official bug report on this (Help / Report a Bug from within MuseScore), but do check to see if you can reproduce this in any other cases, and make that clear in the bug report. My sense is this would be higher priority if it affects "normal" slurs, not just slurs that sare duplicated in two linekd staves but with different manual adjustments in each.

I can't reproduce any crash, but if you can do so reliably, please file a separate bug report on that, being as precise as possible about the steps.

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I'm not sure if this is related but I've noticed if I manually create a slur that extends across a number of notes, it's misplaced at times when transposition is done. Perhaps I'm not doing it correctly. If I drag a slur from the pallet, attach it to the first note, double click on the slur and drag it, say, three notes over, it doesn't seem to attaché itself to the note. It seem to just hang there. I think when the transposition is done, it doesn't know where to be.

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Now, in the link you just provided, it says to double click the volta to extend it but with the slur I understand you to say just to highlight it and shift right.

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