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• May 19, 2015 - 16:57

Whatever happened to Songbook, app for Android? I can't find a way to upload to my Songbook from my sheet music.


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6 months ago or so I installed an app called Songbook from Musescore, and I was able to upload a few songs from my score sheets to practice in the Songbook on my phone. And a few weeks ago, I needed to practice some new songs, (I don't remember how I did it the first time) so I tried to look for the way to upload on to my Songbook. I couldn't find any mention of Songbook anywhere on my Musescore nor on the Musescore web site. I have no problem synching my Scoresheet musics with my phone, but the Songbook made it easier to access on the phone to practice.
I just wondered if that Songbook app is still active or not.

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If you still have the app on your device, it should still work, and if you don't, then as far as I know, you can still download / install it.

I believe the main main way you get songs into the app is from the app itself - it accesses the score sharing site and lets you download scores from there. So if you have MuseScore on your computer, you'd use Save Online to save to, then you can find them and downlaod them form the app. On some versions of the app, I think you can also open songs directly in the app if you have them on your device already, like attached to an email message.

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Thanks for your input.
Yes, I do still have the app on my device, and there are old songs still there and I can open them with no problem. I just can't introduce any new files or songs to this app, Songbook. There's no way to download a file from my desktop Musescore, and vice versa. And frustrating part is I can't find any help on this issue.

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Any directory you like on Android, then browse to the directory, tap on a Musescore file and open with Musescore or Songbook application. The app itself doesn't have its own file browser.

You can also open Musescore files directly from Google Drive or Onedrive using the same method.

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If you have Songbook (paid version) then you should be able to open any .mscz file stored locally on your Android device. The confusing bit is that the app itself does not have any built-in file browser. Opening a score needs to be initiated from 'outside' e.g. from a file explorer (I'm using Total Commander) or downloads or Google Drive etc.

It is up to you how you get the score on your device. You can copy it via USB or you could upload your score from your desktop to your Google Drive and open it from there on your phone/tablet.

In contrast, the free version of Android's Musescore allows only opening files stored online on - an account is required. A free account allows you to upload up to 5 scores. This way of storing/sharing scores can be also used in the paid version.

Looks like the free version has been removed from Google Play. As far as I can see the only option is to buy the Songbook App now.

When you go on the sheet music, you can click on th (i ) button, and you can choose the option to add to songbook

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