treble clef trombone comes up bass clef when added to score

• May 19, 2015 - 14:59

Fairly new user here, using 2.01 on Win 7.

I want to add a treble clef trombone part to my current 3 part horn section charts for the oldies band I am charting, in addition to the std bass clef bone part. When I add the treble clef trombone instrument, the staff shows bass clef! I tried copying some notes from a trumpet line, and they copied in bass clef registration, just like it would if this was a regular trombone part. I also tried treble clef euphonium, and treble clef baritone horn, with the same results.

I also tried starting a new score, with the same results.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug?


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Uhh, okay... I tried it with Concert Pitch off, and the treble clef staff indeed comes up correctly. Then when I turn Concert Pitch On, it switches to bass clef. I know this is technically correct for the instrument, but I would like to work at score level in concert pitch, transposing appropriately when creating parts sheets, and my personal experience with bass clef writing always leaves me feeling like I have had a root canal.

Does this mean I will need to cheat by making a 2nd trumpet or Tenor Sax Instrument, and using that for the Treble Clef Bone part? I'm only writing a treble clef trombone part for a guy who is a trumpet player doubling on valve trombone for some things, so he doesn't have to read bass clef.

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MuseScore keeps track of the current clef separately for concert pitch on versus off. The norm would be to use bass clef when writing at concert pitch for trombone - treble clef will result in notes many ledgers below the staff, which is going to be extremely hard to read. If you are not comfortable reading bass clef, you could, while in concert pitch mode, switch to the treble clef with the little "8" below it, which displays all notes an octave above their usual pitches. Do that in the score while in concert pitch mode; neither the score nor the parts in the transposed mode will be affected, and will thus still display the treble clef and the appropriate transposition.

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