Selection Box while copying / pasting?

• May 19, 2015 - 10:36

Somehow things must have changed.

In 1.3 everytime I selected a note (or a pause!) I and shift + click added ( or arrow key added ) further elements there was a box selection.

By copying it and pasting it again the box stayed and it was so easy to directly pitch the whole area.

I don´t get it when this, because sometimes it works in 2.0 like in 1.3, exactly happens in 2.0.

Mostly, when I box select something I can only paste the notes WITHOUT the box arround it.

There must also be a difference in selection modes itself like if I start a selection on a specific note ( or pause ) and set the end of the selection to a bar ( not a specific element in it ) ... there´ll only be a non box selection.

So, if someone could tell me how to trigger the boxes or let them appear arround the copied section please tell me. For me it seems to happen randomly.



To draw a box around a selection:
While *not* in note entry mode, move the cursor to the area of interest, hold shift, then left click and draw a rectangle around the area you wish to copy/paste.
When you paste the selection to the new location, the box remains around it, so you can adjust the pitches as a group.

Also, see:


There does seem to be an issue where sometimes, clicking one note then shift+clicking another does not create a range (box) selection, but instead selections the elements individually. Seems to happen if you don't shift+click the actual note, but only somewhere near it. So, the solution seems to be to only shift+click actual notes. This has been pointed out before, but as far as I know, no one has yet filed an actual bug report in the issue tracker...

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