Open xml files and save it as mscx or mscz

• May 5, 2015 - 10:29

I open a xml file and save the file (after some changes) as mscx or mscz file.
My trials to reopen the files fail (wrong format/ungeeignetes format)
What is wrong?


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Indeed, there has been an & in the name of an instrument - I changed it, now it works
Thank you, you helped me.

But there is another problem with that file I cannot solve. Some rows are combinde under a common instrument name? How can I unbundle these files and get an own instrument name for each single row?

I shortend the original file for handling purposes

I postet a long version of the file under
I failed in re-downloading this file and edit it - it needs some corrections

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Not sure exactly what you mean here - which specific instrument are you seeing as not correct? Seeing the actual XML file you started from would help. If they were separate in the XML file, they should be separate in MuseScore as well. So maybe you had a flute part in the original MusicXML that was composed of four staves, rather than four separate flute parts, and now you are changing you mind and want four separate flute parts after all? If you want to take something that was a single isntrument originally - whether because it was that way in an imported MusicXML file or because you created it that way in MuseScore - and convert it into separat instruments, just add an instrument (press "I") and then copy and paste the contents of the original staff to thge new one.

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Thank you, I found the error in the capella source of the file and changed the instruments there.
I don't know what's a stave and the difference to an instrument and how to use them, but I won't deepen it now.

My problem with the file ist, that measure 242 in the enclosed example
CHA H74 240-251.mscz
should have 4 quarters and there are only 3
I don't know why and how to change it.
The same fault I find in some other measures. I'm able to open the file with musescore 2.0.1
by ignoring "file corrupted" but I'm not able to upload it and replace the file on my musescore account. I suppose because of that corruption.

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I only see 13 measures in that example, but indeed, many are corrupt. This come from a Capella file that you believe to have *not* had such errors? Can you post that file if so? Or did it result from edits you did? Can you remember what specifically you might have done, if so?

Anyhow, to correct these corrupts, it often works to select the last note of the measure and change its duration to whatever it takes to fill the measure. For example, if you have three quarter notes in 4/4 time, select the last, change it to a half note. Now the measure is fixed, and you can then edit it normally. Doesn't work for all corruptions, but helps in many cases.

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I sent you an excerpt, starting with measure 240.
The original cap file was
CHARP H74.capx
bat I can't find the corruption there (e.g. measure 242)
the way to mscz has been: cap-export to musicXML-open with museScore
with no further specifications.
To change the last note didn't work, the changed duration I find then in the following measure.

But it works with breaks. I can change the whole break e.g. in the first line (measure 242 or 3) in three quarts and than the last quart in a half and the half in 2 quarts.

But what to do with measures with more notes than allowed?
e.g. measure 2 line 17 expectet 4/4 found 17/16
How to delete a supernumerous note out of a measure?

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Directly importing the capx file showed the following errors:
Measure 175 Staff 7 incomplete. Expected: 2/2; Found: 3/4
Measure 311 Staff 7 incomplete. Expected: 2/2; Found: 1/2
Measure 319 Staff 13 incomplete. Expected: 2/2; Found: 1/2
Measure 319 Staff 15 incomplete. Expected: 2/2; Found: 1/2
Measure 364 Staff 11 incomplete. Expected: 2/2; Found: 1/2
Ignoring these, going to those measures (Ctrl+F, measure number), selecting the broken measures, swapping voice 1 and 2 twice, removing the additional rest in voice 2.
Result attached

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