PAGE BREAKS: Can't print entire page _ How do I remove page breaks???

• Sep 25, 2011 - 19:32

The lead sheets I have seem to have automatic page breaks at the end of each line. Then I can't print the whole page, it only prints the last 2 lines. How do I remove these page breaks without removing the whole line of music along with them.
I have a Mac. Thank you for any help.


Could you post an example? There wouldn't normally be page breaks unless you inserted them manually. But manually inserted page breaks can be removed by selecting them and deleting them, just like line breaks.

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I have this sheet which came off wikifonia. Normally I can adapt those without much trouble but this one seems to have hard page breaks which I can't see or get rid of using Mac Mavericks with Beta 2.0 RC. There is huge space at the bottom of each page and I would like to collapse it into just one page if possible, but two MAX With the breaks and spacers palette I can add and delete additional breaks but I can't get rid of the ones it came with. File was mxl, I have saved in Muse Score's format. Thanks.

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OK, I now upgraded to 2.01 that particular issue seems to be persisting unless I am missing something. Here is the mxl file. No idea who contributed or what software they used. There's a number of things wrong with this chart anyway so if I have to do this particular one from scratch it won't be a tragedy. But if there is a way to fix this particular issue with weird space (I checked margins and they seem normal) they I'd like to know how to do it. Thanks for looking into it.

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If you go to Style / General / Page, you will see the "Minimum system distance is set to 29.4sp, which is *ernormous* - and almost twice as large as the specified *maximum* system distance. I can't say why this was set that way - if something in the MusicXML file called for this, if there was a problem with the import, if it was edited later, or what. But I can say that this is the source of your problem. Sewt it to something more reaosnable - like the default of 8.5sp - and all is well.

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