How do I install MuseScore-2.0.0.msi on windows 7

• Apr 29, 2015 - 14:20

I downloaded MuseScore-2.0.0.msi
I don't see installation instructions
I did a run the file but it didn't install on windows 7
Do I need to delete my 1.3 first?


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So basically follow these steps, to be executed as Administrator:

  • Press Window key+R on your keyboard to open up the Run dialog
  • Copy paste this command:
    ftype msi.package="%SystemRoot%\System32\msiexec.exe" /i "%1" %*
  • Press Enter or hit the run button

When done, double click on musescore.msi again.

I never had trouble installing MuseScore before this.
Obviously, MuseScore should make their software installable like
I'll just keep using version 1.3

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It *is* installable like previously is the system is in a usual state. There is nothing MuseScore would have done to change the MSI file association on your computer - some virus or other problem probably caused that. And if MuseScore's MSI file now opens in Notepad, so will *all* MSI files. Windows does not and cannot distinguish betwene different files of a given type, saying "I think I'll use notepad to open this MSI file but will open other MSI files normally". Somehow, your system has become screwed up, and all programs using the same MSI file type will presumably be affected.

Which is to say, you need to fix this problem on your system or you will just continue to have problems isntalling software. If it *was* caused by a virus, you may well ahve worse problems too, I'm afraid.

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Same problem here, with Windows XP, both the "MuseScore-2.1.msi" file and also the Portable installer ".exe" version, as downloaded, both refused to install. I tried fixing the file association as described above, and tried "open with" etc. Even mouse-dragging the ".msi" file over onto the "msiexec.exe" application (found inside "C:\WINDOWS\System32\" folder) to manually launch it didn't work, although gave a pop-up error message. Still nothing worked.

However, simply right-clicking the "MuseScore-2.1.msi" file, select Properties, and sure enough, it says under Attributes at the bottom, "This file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer." Next to this warning, there's an "Unblock" option box to click, and after clicking that and "Apply", the .msi file could work at last and installed correctly.

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