SoundFont troubles

• Mar 30, 2009 - 06:31

I had problems with the default piano sound only playing the top staff of music, so i downloaded a soundfont and MuseScore is using it, i think- the piano sound is different. but now, instead of only the top line playing, the bottom 2 staves (the piano part) play, and not the top line. it's not mentioned in the handbook, but i assume instrument sounds are assigned to staves via the mixer? The only problem is there are no instruments displayed in the drop-down "sound" menu- it's blank. suggestions?
i use vista x64 sp1, and have the lastest (unstable) version of musescore installed.
I'm a newbie to all this, apologies if this issue has already come up....


Currently, the Mixer isn't completely built yet, so Instruments are not assigned this way. i haven't had this problem before, but a quick search of the forum may provide you with some answers. Also, make sure you haven't checked any of the "solo" or "mute" boxes in the mixer.

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I found a workaround that involved copying the part, removing and re-adding the instrument. This seems to work, although the volume levels of the different instruments is a bit surprising. Good to know the mixer isn't finished yet; I was worried it might be an issue with Vista. It would seem at this time this workaround is the only way to change a sound for a staff once the score has been created?
Thanks for your help and prompt reply- that's kind of amazing!

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There is currently no way to have a program change or change the patch of a score after it is set up. A new staff must be created and the old one deleted separately. There also are no volume or velocity controllers supported. But new features are being developed all the time.....

The problems you are describing are limitations of the default SoundFont that comes with MuseScore. Re-read the "MuseScore settings" section on the SoundFont page to make sure you set it up correctly.

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