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• Apr 23, 2015 - 20:47


I am new to musescore and i am very happy with this masterpiece of software!

But now i have a question. when i have a voice 1 and voice 2 in one staff and i want to transpose only voice one it seems handy to me to use the selection filter. when i turn of voice 2 only voice one is selected. But when i transpose it by using the up arrow key, voice 2 is also transposing. please help me. is it a bug or am i using the selection tool wrong?

greatings, Philip Bergwerf


Ciao, select a note, right-click> Select / More;
Choose: Same stave and Same voice
using the up arrow key or Notes/Transpose... should work

If you use the filter be sure to put the check only on the voice in question. Weclome!

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I did like you said. But on my screen al notes of the staff are selected and i want to select and transpose all 'voice 1' notes from one measure. How do i do that?(By using the selection filter?)

And yes i have selected only voice one in the selection filter. Look in teh attachment it looks like that. But when i transpose voice 2 is transposing too.

Geatings, Philip

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This seems almost like a bug—it should not have to be a two-step process—but here's what you need to do: after selecting the range in the normal way and unchecking Voice 2 in the Selection Filter, and before transposing, click Notes at the bottom of the Inspector.

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