Alignment of first line of music

• Apr 19, 2015 - 20:53

So after I updated to 2.0 my alignments have gone haywire.

I'm sure I can work out the rest of the stuff, but is there any way I can move just the first line of music lower than where it is? I have quite a bit of text (Title + 3-4 lines of subtitles and composer/lyricist information) and it's a bit cramped on the top of the page.



It is generally difficult to diagnose problems without seeing the score you are having problems with - the actual MSCZ file, not just a picture of it.

I can guess that you had used non-default settings for either music upper margin or vertical frame lower margin in an effort to affect the page layout. 2.0 has greatly improved the control over these elements, but one result of this is that some scores created with certain combinations of settings in 1.3 might need an adjustment. What specifically needs to happen we can't say for sure without seeing the score, but one possibiltiy is that you were using music upper margin to change space between the first line of music and thte title frame, when this really should have been done with vertical frame lower margin. AThe specifics could also depend on whetehr you actually resized your title frame appropriately or were allowing the text to overhang the bottom of the frame.

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