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• Nov 23, 2010 - 21:42

Hi All --

First, kudos on an absolutely amazing program. I have been very impressed with MuseScore.

Here's a friendly request that the documentation can be updated to include a thorough explanation of editing page style. From the number of posts on the forum, it's clear that this is an often misunderstood area. In particular, it would be very helpful to have a clear description in one place of the staff/accolade/system distance, V-frame margins, and page/last system fill thresholds. One can find answers by sifting through the many posts, but it would be great if it were included in the handbook.

Thanks for your excellent work.


Excellent idea. Would you like to take a lead on this and start that page? Everyone with an account on can create and edit a handbook page, so it would be great if you could go ahead and start with it. Others will join forces. See The MuseScore handbook for the instructions.

With the continuing increase of instruction data being submitted and incorporated into the handbook, page numbering appears to have dissappeared along with standard margins.
Admittedly if you use the program daily, a person would know the functionallity of most areas. But for someone (like me) who can only find a few hours a month to work with it, finding specific opperational tasks wastes too much time. I shudder to think how a "Newbe" would find his way around the increasing complexity.
Can we start by numbering each chapter from 1 to what ever needed, and prefix the number with the chapter number.
(E.G: Notation page 26 in Chapter 3......would be 3.3). Laterly this could be further expanded to add subsections to each chapter if needed. Furthermore, this would simplify adding an up-datable Index (Apendix B maybe, with Apendix A for the growing number of "How to do" instructions.
Can we also request page formats be standardized, preferably to that of the previous handbook dated friday 02/04/2011

I was just trying to put a request simmilar to this together and then followed the link from the instruction booklet and found this posting. I can understand the response that says "Good idea get on with it".
Has there been any progress, My nearly posting is attached as a file. If I could get the definitions sorted perhaps I could help

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