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When I select 'synthesizer' under 'edit' Musescore 2 shuts down. Seem to remember I had this issue in the early days of Mscore 2, so uninstalled the program. Is Mscore 2 still in the developmental stage? I'm not too tech savvy and don't want to write anything new in Mscore 2 because it won't be accepted if I have to go back to 1.3. Sorry - edit - Windows Vista.


2.0 is officially released, so if installed the officially released version, you should not be seeing problems. Probably if you are, it is because of leftover settings from a previous experimental build, so do you best to remove that first if you can. Then run MuseScore from a command prompt with the "-F" option to revert to factory settings. See in the Handbook.

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MuseScore for Windows:
•Windows 10, 8, and 7 -- Vista & XP are unsupported, but should work.

Here's some info. regarding MuseScore 1.3 (MS1.3) and MuseScore 2.0 (MS2.0):
1. MS2.0 has many improvements, along with new features. See:
As a result, scores saved in MS2.0 in the native .mscz file format will not open in MS1.3.
However, MS2.0 can export as MusicXML, which can then be opened in MS1.3.

2. As MS2.0 is the newest release, it can open files created in MS1.3 without needing to do the MusicXML conversion.
That is to say, MS2.0 can directly open MuseScore1.3 mscz format files.
(According to what I've read here, lots of development effort was used to make that happen.)

Also, as far as MS1.3 and MS2.0 coexisting peacefully, you have to be able to tell the difference:
(This taskbar is from Windows 7)


You mentioned above that your score 'just opened Musescore 1.3. Should I have uninstalled that before downloading Musescore 2.0?'
Not necessary. You might have MuseScore 1.3 set as the default program for opening MuseScore .mscz files.

If so, to open a score in MS2.0, you can either:
1. Open MS2.0, use menu item: File / Open, then browse to the folder with your MuseScore files and open (from within the program itself).


2. Without MuseScore running, right click on a MuseScore .mscz file and then in the drop down dialog - 'Open with' and click 'MuseScore.exe'


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