9/8 Time Bug

• Apr 10, 2015 - 03:52

Hello! I am transcribing a piano score in 9/8 time. In one measure in particular, there is a measure with a dotted half note tied to a quarter note. Obviously, this adds up to only eight eighth notes. There are no rests left over, and, try as I might, I can't add another eighth note. The measure is supposed to be notated as a dotted half note tied to a quarter note, with an eighth note at the end. Please help! The score is below.
Thanks in advance,
Kaine Conrad

Note: I have messed around with this quite a bit, and I found that trying to tie a certain note results in the program crashing, which is quite annoying.

Concerto Op. 85 Piano Accompaniment.mscz


When you load it into MuseScore 2.0, it tells you the score is corrupt, which it indeed is. Somehow a bug in the program has stolen this beat from you. If you do a search of the forums, you will find a numebr of threads with good advice on how to fix these issues when they happen. Most are written assumign you are using 2.0, and you should definitely upgrade when you have a chance. But the same techniques will most work in 1.3.

Are you running MuseScore 2.0, or an older version?

I created the attached file, CONCERTO fix old MS.mscz, with MuseScore 1.3 because your original attachment, Concerto Op. 85 Piano Accompaniment.mscz, can be opened with the older version.
No big deal, because my attached file will open in both 1.3 and 2.0 -- but you should mention what version you are running, because MuseScore 2.0 files will not open in earlier versions.

To fix your score, I deleted the 18th measure and entered the tied notes - a dotted half note tied to a quarter note, with an eighth note at the end.
(Actually, an eighth rest is at the end, to be filled in with the correct pitch.)


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I used to have this problem once in a while in 1.3. If you right click the measure (Use the inspector I suppose in 2.0--if this problem still occurs there, which I doubt) you will probably see that it is no longer in fact a 9/8.
The fastest way to fix this (if it concerns only a single measure) was to delete the measure, insert a new measure and re-enter the notes.

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