Only hearing drums on playback

• Apr 9, 2015 - 04:27

I just downloaded musescore 2.0 after making two scores in the 2.0 beta. However, when I opened them in musescore 2 and hit the playback button to make sure they opened correctly, the only audio that was playing was the drum set (which I had set to a soundfont in the beta, which might have something to do with it). I even opened up a new file in musescore 2 and entered notes, which did enter correctly but when I clicked on them there was no audio and when I hit playback there was also no audio. Only drumset was playing back. I will attach a brief sample in which there is drumset and trumpet. For trumpet, you should be able to hear the concert Bflat scale. I can only hear the drums on playback, but it may just be my computer or something else wrong with my program. Let me know if it works fine on your computers, and how I might fix this. Thanks!

Edit: I also opened up the origional musescore which I still have on my computer but don't use. You know how when you open it up it defaults to that piano piece "Reunion?" I hit playback on that, and the audio also didn't work. I've tried this with headphones and with my regular computer speakers. It seems it is a musescore problem, but I have never experienced it before, with either the origional or verion 2. Just to be sure, I opened up youtube in my browser and the audio worked fine for that.


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