Troubles with 1.3 files loaded into 2.0, text missing etc.

• Mar 28, 2015 - 20:09

When I open a 1.3 file into 2.0 the layout changes and some of the text is missing, see attachments.
By writing the missing text I can solve this problem, but the textsize is smaller and a simple correction like it was in 1.3 is not possible. I have to adjust every single word.
Best Regards.

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It's normal that sometimes the layout might different - there were a number of layout bugs in 1.3 that were fixed in 2.0, and other improvements as well. So in general, you should expect to see some differences.

Making changes to text formatting is actusally much *easier* in 2.0 than in 1.3. Simply change the text style (right click, Text Style) and all elements with that style are automatically updated. In 1.3, this didn't work correctly, but now it does. Except - this doesn't immediately work for text originally created with 1.3, because 1.3 doesn't have this concept of text style in the same way. But you can update 1.3 files easily. Right click the text, Select / All similar elements, and hit "Reset to Style" in Inspector to allow the new text style mechanism in 2.0 to work with older scores.

I'm not understanding what text you are missing - could you describe your problem in more detail?

Hi Marc,
For the missing text, see the differences between both 2BS and 2BS MSC2 underneath the Bas-BAR in the following measures: 12,16,21,22,23,32,36,41,42,43,48,49,50,51,52,53,54,55,56,57,60,64,69,70,71,75,77,77,78 and 79.
Adjusting text works OK now, I just took "teksteigenschappen" instead of "tekststijl", my faillure.

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In the file "Diana", I don't see any differences in bar 12 between how it looks in 1.3 versus 2.0. Same for bar 16; I didn't bother checking the others.

Now, when I open "Diana 2BS MSC2", I can see that there are lyrics missing on beat four in these measures, but this file was created in 2.0, so I can't open it in 1.3. Meaning, I can't verify that the same score has missing text. Do you have an example of a 1.3 score that, when opened in 2.0, has missing text? As far as I know, "Diana 2BS MSC2" might have been created from scratch in 2.0 and you might have simply forgotten to enter the lyrics. Not that I think this actually happened. But the point is, I can't tell what is going on without a 1.3 score and precise steps to reproduce whatever problem might have led to those lyrics disappearing.

I am guessing it might have to do with whatever you did to merge the staves from the original 4 vocal staves to only 2. But I don't know how you tried to do that, whether you did it in 1.3 or 2.0, etc.

Hi Marc,
Thanks for your reply! I posted 4 files with my first message: Diana 2BS.pdf and Diana.mscz, (oeps this one should be: Diana 2BS.mscz !!, see attachment this comment..) both created within Musescore 1.3, Diana 2BS MSC2.pdf and Diana 2BS MSC2.mscz were both created within Musescore 2.0. So, for right understanding: Diana2BS MSC2 was created by Musescore 2.0 by loading Diana 2BS.mscz. No other changings were made, only saving as a Musescore 2 file.

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Ah, yes, that is the file I was missing!

The original file has a problem in that the lyrics that eventually disappear are not attached to any notes. I am not sure how you created that file, but the lyrics that disappear are in voice 1, but there are no notes in vocie 1. 1.3 should not have allowed you to do that. You should have been forced to attach the lyrics to the notes in voice 2. If you go back to 1.3 and do that now, then the file loads into 2.0 just fine. It's only the lyrics that have no notes to attach to that are not displayed correctly in 2.0.

Hi Marc, How did I create it?
I used MS 1.3
To avoid extra typewriting I first wrote down the notes of Bar 1 i.e. Tenor1, then wrote the lyrics underneath. Next I copied Bar1 to Bar2 and hit the delete key; so the notes in Bar 2 are then deleted but the lyrics are still there and I can write down the notes later. The same for bar 3 and bar 4. In this way the lyrics are, most of the time, in the right position otherwise I can adjust it a little bit, but as I understand in fact they connected with the notes of Bar 1.
Now I have to figure out how I can do as less typewriting lyrics in MS 2.0 as possible.

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Yes, it was a bug in 1.3 that you could delete notes but the lyrics would stay behind. This bug is fixed in 2.0 - lyrics can no longer exist without notes to attach to. But unfortunately, we don't have a good way of automatically fixing scores with unattached lyrics. Obviously, in this particular case, there is another note on the same staff we could have treid to attach them to, but that won't necessarily always be the case. So hopefully, aside from scores that were affected by that bug in 1.3, there shouldn't be other problems here.

In 2.0, you can simply copy the lyrics - select them all (eg, right click one, Select / All similar elements on same staff, Copy) then then paste to another staff. It requires they have the same basic rhythms of course. You can also copy the whole passage - notes & lyrics together - then use the new repitch mode (the button right next to the note entry button at the left side of the toolbar) to reenter the pitches, keeping the existing rhythms & lyrics.

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