Adjacent notes in 2 Voices "stacking", neither one shifting horizontally

• Mar 24, 2009 - 04:41

I've got a situation where in the r.h. piano part there's an e-flat in Voice 1, and d-flat and a-natural in voice 2 played simultaneously. The e-flat quarter note in Voice 1 is tied to an e-flat 8th note, then moves to 8th note f-natural to complete the 2 beats. The d-flat and a-natural in voice 2 are both half-notes, hence the use of different voices. In appearance, the e-flat quarter note "fills" half of the d-flat half-note instead of either note shifting to the right as would be the case if both were in voice 1. So all 3 notes are "stacked" and of course, there's not room for the e-flat or d-flat to each display properly in that situation. Ideally, of course, the e-flat should be the note that shifts to the right so the 2nd voice half-notes stay together. MuseScore Version 0.9.4.


Your description is difficult to follow. I would have an easier time understanding if you use pictures or a MuseScore file to help describe the problem.

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I believe this is what he's talking about, notice how the Eflat collides with the Dflat when they are in different voices. Normally such chords would have the top note moved to the left with the stems aligned, but musescore seems to align the note heads instead, causing the collision.
I created this using rev 1667 on windows XP

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