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• Mar 23, 2009 - 19:57

I have just downloaded and installed r 1667.

I loaded a score that I have been working on. I use chordnames.

There are numerous chordnames sprinkled in the score, none that I placed. They will not delete.

Additionally, when I was using a previous version, 1619, I discovered that there were double chordnames where I had put one. At that time I was able to delete the copy, but now, no joy.



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It was a complex series of steps that brought about this problem.

1. Original score, which had added extra rests in 2 bars. I needed to delete them
In the past I have achieved this problem by trying to copy one part over the other, so I did not want to do this.
2. THe part I wanted to fix was piano part, RH. Add 2nd piano part.
3. delete 2nd part's LH.
4. Copy RH piano part to new part.
5.. Delete bars.
6. Recopy.

At this point, the program was confused and had a brace covering the piano part and including the bass part, which had been re-named piano.. After loading a few times, the bass part regained it's name (I was unable to effect a change by going to staff properties - the Bass name was there, but piano was showing up). Through this I upgraded.
At this point there are numerous chord changes sprinkled throughout the score. I can select them - they change colour, but delete has no effect.

Nothing is fool proof to a talented fool..


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