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• Mar 23, 2009 - 18:56

MuseScore is breaking two old engraving rules concerning chord writing in the first music example in the section Features of this site, namely "the highest note to the right in the upmost second" and "the lowest note to the left in the bottom second".

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On a tangent:
When MuseScore has to deal with a very crowded chord (for example one containing both a b-flat and a b-natural) it places one of the b's to the left of the stem, and one to the right, but it incorrectly places a single accidental in front so that both notes appear to be the same note--but they're not. What I have seen done in obscure cases such as this is for a single stem to be divided into two each containing a b, each having the necessary accidental directly in front..
Check out the attachments.
First is a picture from some music I have with an example. Look at the third chord that is visible. Sorry if it's fuzzy.
Second is how MuseScore handles the same chord: The upper b-flat and natural are on the same stem with the natural coming in front. This type of notation would be pretty confusing to a musician.

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