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• Dec 7, 2008 - 14:02

[Newby alert} I have just downloaded MuseScore and am using it for the first time.

1. The first bar of the piece I am trying to transcribe is in 3/4, immediately followed by several bars of 4/4. I created originally a 1 measure piece (3/4) and then tried to append new measures, expecting to be able to specify a new time signature and/or key. Have not figured out whether it is possible to change the time signature, all new measures created are in 3/4.

2. I was also unable to delete the appended measures.

All suggestions appreciated.

MuseScore: ver 0.9.3
Windows XP


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Is it the tempo part you are having trouble with? You can specify a new tempo using tempo which tells MuseScore how fast to play it. You may also want to add the "[quarter note] = [half note]" to the tempo text so musicians reading the score understand that it is double time.

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all you have to do is drag the time signature from the time pallet. 4/4, 3/4, 2/2, C and /c.... it's all there. if the cut time part is too slow, you may need to insert a tempo (create/text/tempo...) then you can make it invisible by right clicking.
To replace one time or key with another, just drop the new into the same measure as the old, the measure will darken when you're in the right spot.,

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