Cut time 2/2 shows wrong BPM in playback

• Mar 23, 2009 - 01:24

Just noticed this, but in playback mode cut-time 2/2 is showing beats per minute as though it was 4/4. Half note is the beat by definition.


It would be nice, rather than being stuck with a default that may or may not be correct, if we could define which note gets the beat. Also I noticed that when setting up a new score, and defining the time signature, all numbers are available leaving open the possibility of a nonsensical time signature such as 6/5. Shouldn't this be limited to 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32?
I have seen a 12 used once in a piece (time signature was 9/12) in which the dotted 8th received the beat, even though this is mathematically incorrect. It really should have been a 5+1/3, but would have been much more easily expressed as 9/8 and use triplets for the 16ths. I'm doubtful that the software would be able to interpret such confusing time signatures, but if anyone is absolutely determined to use them, they should have no problem writing them in after printing.
It would also be nice if after defining a tempo, there were an option (maybe a check box) to display, after the tempo text, "(d=90)" where d is a half note, quarter note or whatever.
Also, on a completely different subject, but it could be handled in the same area as the tempo, it would be great to define whether two eighths in a group should be played as two 1/8ths, or as on 1/4 and one 1/8th in a triplet. I know this would be quite useful for people who write for jazz bands.

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