pizz/arco how to? and slur

• Mar 22, 2009 - 10:16

hey there, just downloaded 0.9.4 and r1667 yay it finally works on my windows box :)

i have 2 questions.
firstly, how do i specify pizz/arco for string instruments? I read somewhere that they should be in the 'articulation' palette, but it's no where to be seen...

also, in 0.9.4, there's no slur in the 'lines' palette, but there is in r1667.
maybe something went wrong in the instillation?



oh, i forgot to mention

I'm using windows xp no service pack.

also, i installed 0.9.4 and r1667 simultainiously. i don't know if that would make a difference or not.

hopefully this helps solve the issue.

The slur was recently added to the "'lines" palette in the prereleases. That is why you see it in r1667 but not 0.9.4. This is not a problem with your installation. To specify pizz/arco add staff text to the score, right-click on the staff text and select "Staff Text Properties". Probably you can work it out from there.

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