[solved] Range colors for piano

• Mar 14, 2015 - 12:52

Outside normal 88 keyboard range, color should be yellow (or something) to indicate extra keys.
Outside normal pianos-with-extra-keys range the notes should be red.

Currently, the piano goes freely up to G8 (?!) and down to C-1 (?!) without color changes.


Currently Piano goes from A0 to C8 (same range for professional and amateur), not sure where you got C-1 to G8 from?
Created the score from a template rather than from scratch adding piano? If so, which template?

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>Created the score from a template rather than from scratch adding piano?

Thank you, didn't think about that. I was using a score that I use since 1.3.
Creating a new score does work.

Any idea of how can I update my current instrument without loosing its content?

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you could also add a piano, copy/paste the old staff content to the new staff, then delete the old piano, but it should be far easier to just change instrument via staff properties.
The edit instruments is for adding and deleting instruments, not for changing.

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True. Well, you don't "lose" info, you just don't *gain* it. I guess I was thinking more generally, if everything is correct *except* the range info, then this would be how to fix the range and nothing else. But if you have an old score, you might be missing more than just range info, in which case, an instrument change makes sense. You may have to update the long and short names if you had customized those.

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