• Mar 21, 2009 - 17:08

Yesterday I spent many hours doing chordnames on a chart. Everything was selected via the harmonic pallette.

Today when I opened the file ALL text and symbols were gone: title, System text, coda, de etc.

Yesterday beofre completing this step, I upgraded to r1644. Everything seemed okay - everything worked.




When I open ALL previously completed charts, I have the same result. Any text or symbol gone.

When I go to the chordname adjustment, that has changed back to the default size, not the larger size I set it too. When I rightclick on the small boxes referenced next, the size I set the font to shows up but that is all. There are very tiny boxes still visable where I set rehersal marks. They will not get larger - When I try to add a title, for example, this very tiny box shows up and will not expand to reveal the text I type.


I hope this is recoverable: there are many hours of work affected.


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A few ideas in order to get you started again:

  • Downgrade again to your previous musescore version. You are using prereleases so this is one of the side effects which may always occur.
  • Make sure your files are revisioned by using e.g. getdropbox.com, so that you can always grab an older version.

Anyway, is it possible to attach one of your charts? And perhaps also a pdf on how it was supposed to look like?

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Hi Thomas.

1. Getdropbox - I did not use a similar backup, so I believe this will be usless to me now. I will use a similar service in the future.

2. If I cannot reover the original work, I will not be able to send a copy.
Attached you will find a pdf of a part of one score.

Thanks for your quick response.
Let's hope.......


I reinstalled r1619.
thankfully most of the score were returned.
as you will see in the 2nd pdf, at the bottom, the F# has been reverted to small script. But ot the rest of that page?????
Thanks again and I am relieved.

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