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I just finished a complex lead sheet in "C" pitch. It contains a few multi-bar repeats with endings and fairly complex changes. I entered all changes using the Harmony properties box.

It also involved copying various parts from one part of the score to another. There were some glitches caused by this, but I don't have time right now to explain them. I solved them by adding bars, re-doing the affected part and then deleting the affected bars. It involved extra beats and rests in some bars plus a strange "Double Barline", wider than the usual one.

When I went to transpose the piece from "C" to "Bb", I finally had to highlight the entire score and check everything before it would work.

Unfortunately, many of the changes did not transpoe, and of those that did, some of the flat and sharp symbols reverted to the very small super and sub script.



I have now discovered that with the symbols that did transpose properly, when I go to the Harmonic Properties, the proper information is already there.

When I go to the chord names that did not transpose properly and right click, they come up as "C" with no extensions,
regardless of what they are.

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If you select them from the harmony palette but alter them later in edit mode then the chordname is no more recognized. As I understand you were not happy with the superscript so you modified the chordname after choosing them in the harmony properties right ? when you do so the chordname is parsed by MuseScore to know to recognize it and it fails. So the C in harmony properties.

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I entered all chords in the harmony pallette when doing the original sheet. I then transposed everything up a tone.

There seems to be no real consistancy to what is transposed as sometimes, for example, a "Bb7" will transpose properly, and in another part of the score, it will revert to the very small sub/superscript or not transpose at all.

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Another problem that is showing up in this exercise is, as I alter the mistaken transpositions, or even click on them to alter them, the score leaps around, often going to a part of the score where I am not working.

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